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New Buildings

New addition to our 28mm Dark Age building range. This Romano British Church now available.
  • Arthurian
    Early Saxon

    Further additions to our Arthurian Ranges - these are our Early Saxons Read More
  • Arthurian
    Age of Heroes

    Figures for warfare in the age of Arthur, this a new range we will be working on over the coming months. It will eventually cover Romano British, Early Saxons, Welsh, Irish and Picts. It will be supported with a range of resin buildings, boats ,scenic pieces and banners and transfers Read More
  • Feudal Eastern Europe

    Livonian Brotherhood – Founded in 1202AD as Military order. Also known as Christ Knights, Sword Brethren and The Militia of Christ of Livonia. They were amalgamated with the Teutonic Order in 1236 and were known as the Livonian order. Read More
  • Sir William Marshall

    Said to be "the best knight that ever lived", he served four kings and was one of the most powerful men in Europe when he died. People throughout Europe (not just England) referred to him simply as "the Marshal". Part of our new range of figures to support the Crossed Lances game of Tourne' Read More
  • Teutonic Knights

    Founded towards the end of the 12th Century in the Holy Land. Most notable as Crusading in Eastern Europe Read More
  • Warring States Chinese

    This period in Chinese history took place from the 5th Century BC to the 3rdCentury BC and only came to an end when the Qin created the first unified Chinese state. Famous for the terracotta warrior army. Read More
  • Burmese

    The Burmese or Pagan kingdom was founded 9th century and reached its peak in the 13th century when invaded by the Mongols set the seeds of decline Read More
  • Sung Dynasty
    Chinese: 960-1279AD

    Northern Sung was lost to the Jin around 1127AD. The Jin Dynasty were then defeated by the Mongols in 1234 followed by the Southern Sung in 1279AD. This brought the whole of China under Mongol control as the Yuan Dynasty founded by Kublai Khan, Ghengis Khans grandson. Read More
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25 Oct 2015

 Next Show

Partizan, Newark Sunday 22nd May

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Welcome to the Curteys Miniatures website.

05 Feb 2015

Welcome to the Curteys Miniatures website.

In our catalogue pages you will find 25mm and 28mm wargame figures covering many periods from Ancient China to Medieval Europe.

Figures are measured toe to eye ie a 25mm figure is measured from the bottom of the foot to eye level .

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